Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back in Jeju

I'm back in Jeju after my 3 week vacation to China. It was a fantastic time and I'll give a full trip report and pictures soon. It might be awhile... I have more than 1000 pictures to sort through! When I came back, I moved straight into my new apartment, so I also have no internet at the moment. My new place is wonderful and I'm really excited to be back in Jeju.

Last weekend there was a typhoon while I was away. Everyone says its the worst typhoon that Jeju has seen in living memory. They got something like 67cm of rain in 12 hrs! There was lots of flooding and damage. I've also heard reports that as many as 20 people died. My place was fine, but my motorcycle got knocked over. My friends, Darren and Sam picked it up, but when I got back it wouldn't start, and Mr. Lee is busy for the next week. It might be a while before I have wheels again.