Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Apartment

5th year in Korea, 5th apartment.

I can't believe that I'm starting my fifth year in Korea.  It's really amazing how fast time flies, but I suppose it means that I'm having fun.  So this is my new place in the Faculty Apartments at Jeju National University.  It's quite small, not much bigger than my first apartment...well, maybe a little bigger....I miss that dryer though.  You see, there's two amazingly useful appliances that are missing in most Korean houses: a clothes dryer and an oven.  I've been thinking about getting an oven, but I just wonder how much I'll actually use it.  Maybe I'll finally get out of my tightwad mode and at least splurge on a microwave this year!

Oh and here's a picture for my parents...for the last 2 years they've been asking for a picture of my car...  Hopefully I'll sell it soon, but unfortunately it's too cold and convenient right now to get rid of!

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