Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coffee and Guitar

IMG_3350 by you.

I'm pretty excited about getting back to Jeju. In particular for some coffee and guitar with Scott.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

National Geographic Jeju Video

I was searching for a topo map of Jeju Island (anyone know how to get one?) and I found this video on the Haenyo. I think the tour guide "Sunni" was my tour guide when I did the Jeju Traditional Culture Tour way back when. Check it out.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Back to Jeju

I'm going back to Jeju in March. I wasn't planning on going back, but I got an offer I couldn't refuse. I'm pretty excited. I'm gonna try experimenting with new things with the blog this year, so hopefully it will work out. I talked to quite a few of my friends that followed it consistently. I'm so stoked that people read it regularly and enjoy it. Thanks!

So just to update on the last 6 months, here's what happened. After I got back from Nepal, I chilled at home and spent the holidays with the family and friends in Indy.

IMG_2014 by you.
Me and Grandma Kojetin at Thanksgiving

In January, I left to work on the Ski Patrol at Powder Mountain, Utah. It was a fantastic experience and a dream come true. I've worked at other ski areas before I came to Korea. I was a Ski Instructor at Loveland, Colorado and I worked the lifts at Alta, Utah. Working at Powder Mountain though was completely different and a super special place. I spent the month skiing with my dad, working and training with the patrol, learning about avalanches, and guiding powder cat-skiing tours.

IMG_2515 by you.
Skiing in the Enchanted Forest, possibly the coolest place I've ever skied.

IMG_2965 by you.
Skiing with Dad

IMG_3193 by you.
Digging Snowpits in the Avalanche I Class.

IMG_3189 by you.
Digging Snowpits on our own.

IMG_3075 by you.
Skiing Powder

IMG_3090 by you.

IMG_2837 by you.
Dad Skiing more Powder.

IMG_3092 by you.
We stayed in Condos at the base of the mountain.

IMG_3060 by you.
Snow Ghosts

IMG_2352 by you.
Occasionally, we were Cat Skiing Guides.

IMG_2647 by you.
Dad loves his fat skis. Maybe I should send this picture to Black Diamond???

IMG_2704 by you.
Everything is Beautiful on a Powder Day.

IMG_3254 by you.
Sunny Powder Days are the best!!!

IMG_2767_edited-1 by you.
Life is Good :) (Faceshots are too!)