Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winter Climbing at Oedolgae

In Korea, the winter break is the long break and the summer break is a little bit shorter.  I just finished my winter classes and am taking the next month off to study and read.  I'll be staying in Jeju mostly, but might take a little trip if things go really well toward the end of February.

I wish I took a picture of my bus stop, but as I got on the bus at Jeju University on the north side of the island, the snow flurries had just started.  It was so cold! On my way up the mountain, there were cars slipping and sliding on the snowy roads and carnage everywhere. One car slid right in front of the bus narrowly avoiding a collision.  

Once the bus crossed the south side of the mountain, only a 40 minute ride, it felt like another country and another season. The sun was shining and the sea and sky were blue.  We had a great day of top rope tough guy climbing and even met the daegeum (대금) playing monk again!

2013-01-26 Oedolgae Climbing 23
The climb!

2013-01-26 Oedolgae Climbing 8
The side view of the Oedolgae climbs. 
You can see the guy with white pants on the top left quadrant of the photo.

2013-01-26 Oedolgae Climbing 57
I didn't feel so bad taking photos of the monk after he started taking photos of us with his Galaxy Tab!

2013-01-26 Oedolgae Climbing 78

2013-01-26 Oedolgae Climbing 87
Can you see the monk?

2013-01-26 Oedolgae Climbing 48
A photo of me for Mama (not climbing)