Friday, November 30, 2012

Korean Street Food, Odeng (Eomook) 오뎅 (어묵)

2012-09-30 Chuseok Cruise 18

It's starting to cool down here on Jeju, so it's a perfect time to eat some street food to warm up!  Surprisingly, one of my favorites is the fish cakes or Odeng.  I'm not exactly sure how to spell it in English, but I gave it my best.  Most of the time, the Koreans seem to call it odeng but it's actually a Japanese word, and if you don't know much about the history between Korea and Japan, the Koreans don't always think fondly on their neighbors to the east.  So some of the time, they'll call it by the Korean word, eomook. (어묵). You dip it in the side of soy sauce mixed with chili peppers and green onions.  On a really cold day, believe it or not, it's pretty nice to drink the broth for a quick warm-me-up!