Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Made it to Korea!!!

Well, I finally made it to South Korea! There'll be no photos this week, the hotel I'm staying at has a computer, but I can't hook up my camera to it. Maybe I'll add some in later.

The flight over here was extremely boring. I spent a total of about 20 hours travelling time. The flight itself wasn't too bad but I had a tough time sleeping. I just couldn't get comfortable I guess. I got to watch a couple of movies. One was a pretty good South Korean film called "Over the Border." It's about North Korean who crossed into South Korea but had to leave his fiancee behind. I guess I mostly liked it because the main character was a horn player.

I'll be in Seoul this week for training before I move to Jeju Island next week. Its kinda weird because I'm pretty much the only one in training, so I'm kinda stuck to figuring this city out by myself. This is pretty tough for me since I'm not used to being in a big city in the first place, and I can't talk to anyone or read many signs. Well anyway, the first thing I figured out is that Korea does not use daylight savings time like my clock on my Ipod thought, so I woke up an hour earlier than I expected. Another thing is that there are a lot of Dunkin' Donuts places around here and they're really posh. So I spent a couple hours reading a book in the one at the building before training. Just so you know, Dunkin' Donuts is every bit as good here as it is back home too. (in your best Homer voice, say 'Mmmmmm....donuts.....') The actual training was fine, it was mostly a reminder about grammar and such. Things like, past participles, infinitives, clauses, gerunds, and all those other things you never remembered from Mr. McCarthy's 8th grade middle school class.

So I'm staying in this hotel room about a block away from the training building. At first, it kinda seemed like one of those seedy hotels like Tom Hanks first goes into in the movie 'Big.' Its really not too bad though. Its kinda small, but I don't need much space by myself. I have a hard time trying to figure out the light switches and remote controls for the A/C and TV because they're written in Korean, but other than that, it's fine. There's an alcove at the entrance to the room where you're supposed to take your shoes off. People kinda freak out when you don't take your shoes off. Oh, and I swear that the bed is just a fitted sheet over a slab of concrete! It's pretty ridiculously hard, I think my thermarest is 10 times softer than this bed. I hope the bed in my apartment isn't like this!

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