Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Brad Teacher

Here's another installment of the people in my work life here in Korea which pretty much seems like most of my life right now.

This is Brad. He's from Los Angeles originally but has been in Korea now for 5 years teaching English. He's our Head Instructor, so he's the guy that Ryan and I go to when we have some teaching questions. He'll help us out and give us pointers periodically. We have CCTV cameras in our classrooms so all of our classes are monitored. It sounds a little creepy at first, but you kinda forget about it. Anyway Brad gets to take a look at that video and give some teaching tips.

Brad is about my age, has been married for 3 years and has a 6 month old baby. Their baby is about the cutest thing ever and I don't think I've ever heard it cry...ever. We've been out to eat with her at least 3 times so far and not a peep!

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