Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Perfect Weather / Small Island

The weather has finally changed from "ridiculously hot and humid" to "perfect" in the course of just one day. I woke up this morning and it was pouring rain, then it cleared. Just as the rain was clearing, you could see further out the horizon than I ever have before. Ryan claims he saw the mainland, I couldn't see it, but I definitely could see some islands pretty close to it. After the rain cleared, it turned into the most beautiful, mid 70's day ever. I took the bike for a cruise down the coast, took some pictures, and ate some good food. On my way to work I thought I'd take a couple of pictures to illustrate the point that I'm learning how small this island really is. I've learned after living here for over a month that from nearly everywhere, you can see either the ocean or Mt. Hallasan (the volcano in the middle of the island). Here's my point in pictures:

Walking South down the road towards the building I work in (you can see the CDI banner on the right), you can see the mountain. Believe it or not, the top of the mountain is the center of the island.


Now, turn around 180 degrees to face North and you can see the ocean! Pretty sweet, eh? Isn't Jeju Beautiful?


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