Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Typhoon is a bust...

After all that excitement about the typhoon, all it meant was a ton of rain. How boring. No winds so strong you can't walk, no tornados at at sea, no crazy thunderstorms, just rain, lots of it, for 5 straight days. I have to say it was all good in the end because it sure makes you appreciate the sun. Today was the clearest, sunniest day since I've been here. It was so nice, there weren't even any clouds around the mountain. I guess all that rain wasn't so bad after all.

Edit: I feel bad after posting this and being all excited about the typhoon, when I found out that it hit Japan fairly hard, killed 9 people and injured nearly 300. I just hope there's no more major typhoons coming in the near future now! I could do without rain and disaster!

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