Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Language Class Hiking

I should supplement that last negative post about what cool stuff I did this weekend. I'm taking a Korean Language class at the local community college and the entire department went out on a hike up Halla Mountain. This was now my 3rd time up the mountain, so it seems like I'm becoming a pro! It was a great hike and quite a production. We had name tags and everything. We met at the college, took a tour bus to the mountain, and they gave us all a little kimbap for lunch along with some water. I don't have any copies of the picture we took with the whole group but here's some pictures that I took.

On the top of those cliffs is the crater. This trail doesn't go all the way to the top. It goes in between those two low hills (oreums) and finishes at a nice little Ramen Shack!

Ryan and I posing with our Korean Language Teacher

Some of the Language Students Posing at the marker at the top. Many of the students in the class are Chinese students studying Korean for a year.

This is Ryan and I's hero. I don't know his name, but this guy is probably the best korean speaker in our class. He always knows the answers! One day we'll speak as well as him!

I brought a little treat to the top. Soju! (Korean Liquor) The last couple of times we hiked up, we noticed that everyone seemed to be drinking some, so I thought it might be fun to bring some. It turned out to be a good idea. Although it didn't make quite so much of a hit on the students as it did on the teachers! The teachers loved it. I also learned that everytime you offered them a shot, they made you take one too. Needless to say I felt a little buzzed at the top. The second bottle was given to me by some random people in a group next to us. (another example of people giving!)

This is our friend that helped us get signed up for the class. She's super nice and speaks English really well.

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