Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

On New Years Eve, Ryan, Michelle and I climbed Halla Mountain. Michelle has never been to the top, so what better time than New Years Eve in the snow! At 20 km round trip (12 miles) it's not a particularly easy hike, but not impossible by any means. We had a little added fun with the snow. I'd say that there was probably 10 inches of snow average throughout the hike, but it was completely packed down on the trail. It seemed like everyone decided to hike that day! It was practically a line, all the way to the top. We also got these cool little crampon-like spikes to strap to our shoes to keep from sliding around on the snow.

After climbing the mountain, we went to Brad's for dinner. Apparently in Russia, where his wife is from, New Years Day is as big a deal as Christmas is to Americans, so they wanted to have a nice dinner. Michelle cooked some food and we ordered some sushi rolls, drank some beer, makali (rice wine), and vodka. It was a good time and a good way to celebrate the new year.

Here's some pictures from the mountain:

Here we are at the start of the trail. Notice how many people there are!

Michelle, putting on her mini-crampons


The mandatory mid-mountain ramen break at the hut!

We made it!

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