Saturday, March 24, 2007

Plain Hamburger with Mustard

I got an online subscription to the Wall Street Journal to get some sound advice about economics and what to do with this new-found money that I'm getting by working a semi "real" job. I thought my subscription money was worth it when this journalist confirms in print what I've known all my life......the best hamburger is a plain one with mustard!

The Huddyburger is certainly the best $2 burger in creation. I liked the double burger, but the plain burger was even better. The Platonic ideal of burgerdom. It's the burger Dr. Ann orders, with pickles but no onion. She eschews the secret pink sauce and the ketchup, opting for hot mustard. I tried it that way and was converted, thus falling in line with most of the condiment-forum disputants. Beef, bun, mustard: It is a recipe for happiness.

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