Monday, April 16, 2007

Christine's Wedding

This weekend we went to Christine's wedding. She was the one who subbed for me when I went to Thailand and also has been doing a little more part time work at our academy. She already had a wedding ceremony in America over Christmas, but she had to have another ceremony here in Korea. It was a little different than any wedding I've been to. First of all, it was in a hotel, not a church. Then after the wedding, Christine had some traditional bowing to do that we couldn't be a part of. The reception also wasn't until 5 or 6 hours after the ceremony. The reception was at a slightly seedy little karaoke place so it proved to be a fun time! I forgot my camera, so here's some pictures courtesy of Ryan's camera.

Christine and Joe's Family
Friends of the Bride
Ryan and I singing Neil Diamond at the Reception


  1. fuckin-a. . . you can sing too?!

  2. Oh yeah! I was thinking about quitting climbing and working full time on my American Idol try-out!