Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Family Trip to Gyeongju and Andong

Here's a sampling of pictures from our trip to the mainland. It was a fantastic trip and great to get to see a bit of mainland Korea. Michelle spent a lot of work putting the trip together and we had a great time. First we went to Gyeongju. This city is the old capital of the Silla dynasty that united Korea into one country a thousand years ago. In Gyeongju, we stayed in the fancy resort hotels and toured the famous Buddist temples. There seemed to be quite the theme though that much was destroyed by Japanese invasions then rebuilt in the 1950's to 1970's. As old as Korean culture is, I guess I didn't expect to see such new looking buildings. After Gyeongju, we went to Andong. Here, we stayed at a Traditional Folk Village. It was great! We stayed with a family in a sort of bed and breakfast where they fed us and we slept on the floor in the huts with a straw roof. At night they fed us some home brewed rice wine and in the day we had a guy who drove our car around giving us a tour. The highlights for me were to make our own paper in a traditional paper making factory and to see the traditional mask dance. All in all, it was a great trip and I can't wait to go back to visit the mainland!

A Buddhist temple near Gyeongju

A Confucian University near Andong

Our Hut in the Folk Village in Andong

Fish Soup Breakfast on the Porch

Traditional Paper Making Factory in Andong

Traditional Mask Dance in Andong

Traditional Mask Dance in Andong

Lotus Flowers in Andong


  1. Dan,
    I was just surfing the blogsites and stumbled on yours.
    These pictures are fantastic. I appreciate being able to see foreign cultures in this way.
    Thanks for making it available to the public.
    Continue to have a great time; that is what life is about!

  2. looking good dude. it looks like you've been seeing are just incredible by the looks of your pictures.

    btw, after five years i'm finally going back to indie for a friend's wedding. i'm already starting to get that swelled up nostalgic feeling.