Saturday, August 25, 2007


Here's a photo my friend Torquil sent me. The picture is of me (note the long hair!) and my friend Scott from Indiana getting ready for some climb in New Zealand. I really like this photo because it shows what my whole year in NZ was like in just one picture. I hope Torquil doesn't mind me posting it on my blog. (Torquil: I'll take it down if you want). Torquil was my best friend during my trip to New Zealand. He's a really great and amazing person. It turns out that he's also an amazing photographer. You can check out his work at:

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  1. Hey Dan, I have two thoughts on the last few posts: The long locks are pretty cool but the toque/hair combo probably wouldnt work for Jeju summer! You never said you were that professional of a French horn player! Those were some pretty "squipkum" musical/ballets! I've never seen a ballet where the orchestra is so a part of the stage show - usually they get stuck in the pit. Must have been fun to learn all the cheorography! Makes my one forey into the world of musicals look pretty insignificant! ah well - maybe you can help me write my musical; I am bound and determined to write one, once I get the inspiration!