Saturday, August 11, 2007

End of an Era


I've been without the internet for more than a week now. It's been quite nice actually. Quite liberating also. I seem to be way more productive and do other more interesting things than surf the internet. In the 12 hrs since I've returned to the cyberspace world, I've done many ridiculous things like join Facebook and other waste of time things. However, in defense of those silly things, I've been able to say "Hi" to people I haven't seen in many years.

On the flip side, it's been officially goodbye to Ryan. I'll miss him a lot. He's definitely been my best friend here in Korea and a great friend in my life. We've shared quite a year this year, and I'm proud to have shared it with him. The one thing about the traveling life that I've lead over my life since college is that I really dislike is the fact of saying goodbye, maybe forever, to friends.

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