Monday, December 24, 2007

The Thread

We're Rock Stars! I love Jeju because its like our own little playground in a way. You can pretty much do anything you want! Troy, Betsy, and I decided to become rock stars and we were the opening band for a show at the Led Zeppelin bar last weekend. Our band name is "The Thread" and we played 4 songs lasting 12 minutes! It went pretty well, though the sound was a bit rough due to the electronic equipment. It's a lot different than just playing in your apartment! Our friends Powernomic$ put on a fantastic show, and it was fun being the opening band!

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  1. casper53:19 PM

    Dan, thanks for sharing your South Korean experiences so fully and vividly. I kind of feel like I've lived it vicariously through your excellent blog now, and that I've gained a lot of insight about being an English teacher there now. Best wishes with your future endeavors!