Thursday, February 14, 2008


I had a sore throat for quite a while in January. Thankfully, it went away, but it came back with a vengance and swollen lymph nodes the other day. I've never had such a bad sore throat before, so I sucked it up and went to the doctor. I've been wanting to go try the oriental doctor, especially for something as untreatable as a sore throat, but I was a little too scared. Instead I went to the normal doctor and after looking at my throat, he said I have "a bacterial infection due to hard work and fatigue." Duh. He charged me 3500 Won ($3.50) and 2000 Won ($2.00) for antibiotics and told me to come back in 3 days.

Disappointed and aching, I learned the best remedy at the bar the night before... a nice warm whiskey drink with honey and lemon.

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  1. hope you feel better! i am back in the states in sunny cali. i can't believe it's been so snowy in jeju. the day i left (new year's day) it snowed 2 inches at least down south and driving up north to the airport it was quite scary as we had been told that the snow 'doesn't stick below the mountain and usually melts" except it didn't and we had no snow tires, and you can imagine the rest... the highway was littered with abandoned cars. i wonder if that happens often?

    i will continue to read your blog to remind me of the time i spent in jeju.

    you are such an adventurer! i have no such spirit, but it's wonderful to read of your adventures.

    good wishes to you!

    mia (who posted on your blog late last year when she was stuck in jeju)