Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trip to Seoul, Bukhansan, and the North Korea Border

Last weekend, I went to Seoul to visit Lindsey and do a bit of hiking. It was a great trip but too short! We went to Bukhansan (북한산) Nat'l Park and did a hike along a ridgeline. Not only was t was a really nice hike, it was a proper hike, no stairs, and even a little scary at times. After hiking we went to a bar where you can put your feet into a little pool and the fish pick at your skin! It was wild! On Sunday, our host Wang Ki Won (왕기원) took us to the North Korea border. We went into an Observatory on top of a hill and looked with little telescopes into the country. You couldn't see much, but it was really interesting. The highway along the road up there is all covered in fencing and periodic military mini bunkers. Mr. Wang told us that his father was born in North Korea, and his uncle is still there.

Me, Lindsey, and Nicola with Bukhansan in the background
Lindsey on the Death Rope
The Crew at the Fishy Bar
The fish come to eat your feet
The other side of the river is North Korea

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