Friday, July 04, 2008


I caught my first wave on Wednesday!


  1. Anonymous6:34 AM

    I am travelling to Jeju in August the 18th and staying there in one week. I am going to stay close to the Convention Center by the Jungmun beach. I was wondering, if there is a possibility to rent surfs there and try to get some waves. Would be interested in a course also, if available.

  2. I believe there's rentals and lessons at Jungmun. Maybe ask the local Koreans with surfboards by the refreshment place about it. Have fun!


  3. Hi Dan, my name is Darrell (DJ for short)

    I'm so stoked to have stumbled across your blog man. I'm coming to teach at CDI Jeju next month (May 2013). I've spent the past couple hours reading your blog entries and I was wondering if you're still there.

    I'm big into longboarding, just started rock climbing at a local gym, and am looking to learn how to surf and ride a motorcycle because I'm planning on heading to U of Hawaii for post-grad.

    If you could, shoot me an email at and let me know if you're still in Jeju. Thanks man!

  4. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I'm going to jeju next month. how do I find some guys with boards or a shop that rents them,