Friday, April 03, 2009

Jeju Cuisine

Here's a nice article about some traditional Jeju Cuisine.

The article is pretty well written, and I have to agree with the generalization that the traditional foods of Jeju are pretty simple and somewhat bland. Almost none of the specifically Jeju foods I can think of are even spicy at all. Here's a list of some of the foods I've tried and I have to admit that sometimes I really like the sushi/sashimi, and on Jeju, it's relatively cheap.

  • 몸국 (moum gook???) This is a kind of a chopped seaweed soup with pork bones. Its pretty bland, and tastes earthy, but not bad.
  • 빙떡 (bingddeok). These are crepes with radishes, you can imagine the taste. Well, I guess come to think about it, it kinda tastes like nothing. This is eaten on some special day I think. We made it on our traditional culture tour
  • 흑돼지 (black pig) We had this last weekend. If you go to the normal restaurants, it looks like harmless, delicious bacon, but if you go to the special restaurants the Koreans love, you'll get the traditional Jeju black pig that lives on eating shit. Apparently people travel from all over Korea to eat this stuff, and if you go to the right place, you'll get it, hairs, fat, and all...sometimes lots of hairs.
  • 전복죽 (Jeonbok Juk) You can't have a write-up on Jeju foods without the abalone soup. It's basically a thick rice based soup with abalone, with kind of a porriage texture.


  1. thanks for your blog man! i came all the way from n.j. to surf here based on a picture on your page and your fabulous descriptions of jeju. thanks again-got to surf once so far and it was really fun

  2. That's great Harry! Glad you had a good time. Take it easy!