Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jeju Furey Beach Volleyball 2

Come spend a weekend the way we spend most of ours...

The skies were blue and there and the wind was light. The weather was absolutely perfect. People started coming to beach to set up their tents on Friday night. The organizers and helpers worked their butts off to create 6 courts, clean the sand, and prepare the beach for an amazing weekend, the likes of which Iho has never seen.

On October 10-11, 2009, Ninteen separate three men/three women teams came to Iho beach in Jeju, Korea to participate in the second Jeju Furey Beach Volleyball fundraiser tournament. There was a healthy mix of Korean and foreign competitors in the round-robin tournament. All proceeds from the tournament go towards the Furey Foundation, a benefit for the family of the late Nathan Furey.

There were 6 courts total.
Five courts would play simultaneously,
with an extra court in the back for practice.


Each team shared refereeing duties.
Sometimes the sun was too intense for Sang Soo!

During the breaks, people threw footballs, frisbees, and even danced!

Every team had 3 men and 3 women

Dan Nabben, on the right, the head organizer,
put together a smooth tourney

This was my team, the Peace Frogs.

This was our most exciting game,
when we played the all powerful "Hero Squad"

Congratulations to the winners! Red Sun!