Sunday, October 18, 2009

Open Mic

You walk up to the stage and the lights are on you. You practiced all you could at home and now the time has finally come. Yeejin tested your sound and it sounded good. You're ready. When your turn comes and you sit down in front of the mic, and all of the people are looking at you, all of the sudden everything is different and you're scared. The sound is coming from the side, not the guitar. In fact, it's impossible to look at the guitar while singing into the mic. The people are staring at you....waiting. You have to play perfectly now...there's no stopping. You're at Open Mic night!

One of my favorite things about living in Jeju has been the Open Mic nights. Nothing has done more for improving my guitar playing and public display of confidence. Live performance in Jeju is unfortunately a rarity, so this is our chance to do it ourselves. The audience is 100% supportive and will cheer you on, dance, and enjoy every bit of your performance, sometimes as if you were the latest rock star. It's fun and exhilarating and I'm always preparing for the next one.

Some people read poetry

I got some friends together and
we played some live Swing music
for our swing dancing friends to dance to!

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