Sunday, June 06, 2010

Chillin' at Gwakji

Summer has finally come to Jeju! Everybody has been saying that it's been a cold spring this year. Winter just seemed to last forever, pushing spring back week after week. The flowers bloomed, but it was hard to believe you were on an island. The cold wouldn't go away.

Finally, this week the weather was spectacular! It was clear and sunny every day this week. Wednesday was election day, so everyone was on holiday. I went on a motorcycle cruise down the west coast, but I forgot my camera so there's no pics to share, just memories.

Saturday was my friend Jason's birthday, so he invited a bunch of folks to go camping on the beach at Gwakji. Gwakji has always been one of the nicest beaches on Jeju and they've really cleaned it up this year. The weather was beautiful and the sunset was spectacular. I didn't stay and camp with the crew, but had a beautiful time drinking some wine and hanging out with friends.

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