Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4th year in Korea, 4th House

Here's a post for the folks, my house this year.  I wish that I was in this picture for scale, but that cut out in the wall is probably only about 5'8" off the ground, and I have to bend down to reach the kitchen counter.  The person who lived here before was handicapped, so it was designed with her in mind.

Here, we're looking the other way.  That room with the computer is a nice place to hang out in during the summer, but the floors are pure concrete, so the humidity creeps in...causing problems.  The roof leaks too when it rains...  The place has been nice during the summer.  It's cool enough that although air-conditioning would've been nice, the fans were all I really needed to at least get a good night's sleep.  The problem is the winter.  The place is so wide open and energy is so expensive here, that it's gonna be pricey in the cold weather to keep the floor heating going.  All in all, it's pretty nice.  The dogs haven't been barking and the owners/neighbors aren't so nosy anymore so things are looking up!

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