Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to School

I've been back in Jeju almost a month, but I haven't posted a thing yet!  Things have really been quite hectic and busy since I've been back and it seems like I've hardly had any time to relax by myself.  Since I've been back, I've moved to a new place, had my motorcycle breakdown (fixed now), hung out with friends, and finally, preparing for the new semester.

School has been going great!  This week is the start of the second week of classes and I've already given the first round of tests. Hmm...maybe that's a little excessive?  Anyways, the Korean school year is opposite of the American school year.  High school ends in the winter and university starts in the spring.  The first of March is the beginning of the school year for everyone. This is my third year teaching at Jeju National University and every year, the new freshmen seem more and more eager to learn.  I really enjoy feeding off of their energy and am excited for this school year.

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