Friday, June 15, 2012

cafe may飛 [카페 메이비] [cafe mayB.]

2012-06-0920120609 Mayb Open Mic 13

I've taken a long hiatus from playing music publicly and I've decided that it's time to get back at it.  There's a really wonderful and cute cafe on Lee Jung Seop Street in downtown Seogwipo called Mayb Cafe, run by a beautiful young lady, Hyeyeon. Hyeyeon is a very worldly and friendly person so her cafe is a hit with foreigners.  Her sister runs the Halla Flower Shop right next door and it complements the cafe very well, making it a cozy place to hang out.

Last weekend, Hyeyeon held a summer block party mini-concert at Mayb and I asked to play.  It was a perfect night, the weather was beautiful.  About 8 or 9 musicians played through the evening, mostly duets and solos.  I was really surprised with the Seogwipo music scene!  It's really thriving.  The musical quality was high, and most of the groups played at least one or two originals.

I'm pretty critical about myself, so I'll admit that my rustiness didn't show off my talents and Jeju City musical standards so well but have to say that it was really fun to go on stage. I performed with my friend So Young, who sang very beautifully, even though it was her first time on stage!  We'll perform again on the 15th of July at the Festival at Tapdong. See you there!

2012-06-0920120609 Mayb Open Mic 17

Mayb Cafe is located in the middle of Lee Jung Seop Street in Seogwipo.

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