Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Promise Not To Talk About Food In Every Post

I promise not to put up too many pictures of food. I know it could be like when the campers tell their trip stories....."we woke up and we had oatmeal for breakfast, we did a big portage and had sausage, cheese, and hard-tack for lunch it was good, we got to Lac La Croix and had trail pizzas for dinner it was really good...etc...etc...etc." You have to understand though, that since I'm new to this country, food is one of the things that excites me a lot. One of the things that makes it really exciting is that most of the time I have no clue at all what I'm getting. The other thing that gets me excited is that Korean food is really cheap, and in a restaurant it comes to you faster than at McDonalds. The biggest thing about the roll in the picture is that I picked it up for lunch at the corner convenience store, and it only cost about $1.00!!! That thing is huge and dense! True, that's not exactly high quality meat in it, but who cares! It filled me up and was better than yet another ham sandwich. I'll bet that roll would cost at least $5.00 at Kroger. Don't confuse it with Japanese sushi though, it's got cooked meat in it, which I guess would lower the price a bit. Anyway, I was happy at lunch today.

Training was good. I feel like my practicing last night and this morning paid off for the test this afternoon. Tomorrow and the next day I learn how to teach a different type of class. I personally am really liking the program my company, CDI, teaches. The curriculum is spelled out for you to the smallest detail. For a relatively inexperienced teacher like myself, it will really help guide me. We'll see how it goes when I actually start teaching. Speaking of, I've got a flight to Jeju booked for Saturday Evening!!!

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