Friday, July 28, 2006

Seolleung and Online Korean Classes

After training today I went to the park across the street from the hotel and it turned out to be a royal burial ground! It was pretty cool, there were tombs from around the 15th century. Seolleung is the tomb of King Seongjong who began his rule in 1469, but he only lived to be 37 or so. I'm guessing about this sentence since I couldn't read the Korean descpitions, but the building is some sort of ceremonial building and the actual tomb is on top of the mound behind it. It was raining so there were tarps over the tombs...bummer. It was still neat to see these super old things in the middle of the city even though I was soaked by the end of the walk.

I've heard that it is difficult to get a Korean Language class in Jeju so I've taken matters into my own hands and started to train online. It is HARD!!! It really shows how much I hate online classes and online education in general. I need a teacher to answer my questions now, not later! I suppose the class is as well set up as an online class can get though and I'm giving it a shot. It's also got a great section on the background and history of Korea. I've put the link in the Blogroll on your left side, but you can also check it out here at: Korean Studies at Sogang

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