Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Humble Abode

Forgive me if this post doesn't quite work yet. I'm experimenting with putting pictures in through the html feature.

Through these pictures, I hope to take you through a fun little tour of my small apartment. I guess it's actually called an officetel, but I'm not sure. At first glance at the pictures, it might seem a wee bit....small, but I'm just happy to have anything bigger than the 9' x 12' shared rooms in the Buckhorn at Alta.


Welcome to my house. Marchenhouse Room 807. It's funny first of all that it's spelled Marchenhouse, even though it's pronounced marianhouse. Who Knows? Take off your shoes and stay awhile. If you don't know anything about Koreans, I'll tell you one thing, they absolutely flip out when you don't take your shoes off. Even in your own place. Once, a maintenence guy helped me carry some stuff up and he freaked out. Michelle's mom freaked out. Everyone goes nuts on you, so basically, even though I don't care much, you should still take off your shoes.

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Welcome to my living room/bedroom/clothesline....room. Notice the wonderful view of the "small" city of Jeju. Plenty of high rise apartments back there. You can't tell in this picture, but you can actually see the ocean from my apartment. It's probably 5km away as the bird flies. From Ryan's penthouse apartment on the 15th floor, you can see the airport and watch the planes take off and land. Also take note of the pink pillow. You should see the matching pink blanket. Wow!

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I forgot to take a picture of the den, so we'll move on to the kitchen/laundry room. No, that is not an oven, that is my washer. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make my clothes come out soft and not feel like canvas, PLEASE let me know. I've got some fabric softener (i think), but it only works a little. My little stovetop espresso maker is a lifesaver out here. I've been making a killer iced coffee lately! I feel pretty fortunate to have a full sized refrigerator. It seems a lot of people I talk to have only a mini fridge. Bummer for them...

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Wow, these two pictures next to each other almost make my bathroom look big! Hey, where's the shower? Do you see it? It's the whole bathroom! Hah! How clever!

Well thank you for coming on this tour of my modest mansion on Jeju. I can't wait to show you what I'm getting tomorrow!

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  1. Hi ... i read that little tour of your cute house, so I was just wondering how can I get a student accommodation? As I am just looking around Jeju island, planning to study at Jeju National University somewhere in the future. thanks ^_^