Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Visa Run to Japan

I get my internet connection at home tomorrow for real, so hopefully after I get back from Japan I'll post some pictures. I can't write much right now, I've gotta prep for classes.

I'm headed for Japan for my visa run since you can't get a teaching visa while inside the country. It seems pretty strange for me, especially since I've already started teaching. Maybe you could consider me an illegal alien. It should be a whirlwind trip, I fly to Seoul tonight, stay overnight, go to Fukuoka, Japan tomorrow, give them my visa, pick it up the next day, fly to Seoul, then fly back to Jeju. The only scary part is that I still don't have a flight back to Jeju!!! Hopefully Michelle will get that sorted out! Anyway, I've gotta prep for the Michelle and Ryan who will be covering my classes while I'm away. Later!

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