Wednesday, August 09, 2006

At Fukuoka on the Visa Run

I cannot find the apostraphe key on this Japanese keyboard. I was having enough troubles because the enter key is further over, now this. Oh, there it is, above the 7 key. Hah!

I made it to Japan alright and I also made it to the Korean Embassy to drop off my passport for visa processing. I'll go there tomorrow to pick it up, then back to Seoul. I was pretty excited to do see some cool stuff here in Japan, but so far it's the same as Korea except for 3 things. It's hotter, everything is written in Japanese instead of Korean, and they drive on the other side of the road. Nothing too exciting. Mostly I think I'll just hang out at the hotel....Oh! that's exciting! I can't wait until I get a picture of my 'capsule hotel' up. This is pretty much one of the craziest things ever. First of all, you take your shoes off in the main lobby and put them in a locker. Then, I decided for the single room capsule. This room is like the size of a closet, with this thing that looks like a refrigerator laying on it's side, which is your bed. I chose this over the single large room with many rows of chambers that you can sleep in. It'll make more sense with the pictures. So there's supposed to be a sweet sauna at the top floor, so I think I'll go check that out now.

(edit) Here's a pic of my room at the capsule hotel. Pretty much a closet with a refrigerator turned on it's side for a bed. It was pretty sweet actually. Just make sure you have earplugs so you don't hear the next guy snoring. I chose the single room, but I could've chosen the regular capsule variety. Take a look at the hotel's website here at The top pic is the room that I had, but check out the rows and rows of capsules. Crazy!!!! Here's a pic of the sweet saunas.

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