Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Chuseok is Koran's "Thanksgiving Day" Here's the definition from the Wikipedia...

Chuseok, also sometimes spelt 'Chusok', is a major traditional holiday in Korea,
celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month of the year. It is a feast and
is also called Harvest Day, Harvest Moon Festival, or Hankawi (한가위,中秋节)(from
"han" = "great" and "kawi" = "middle", i.e. "a great day in the middle of the

Honestly, I don't really know much about it except that it's
one of the two biggest holidays in Korea and nearly everything shuts down that

My only real complaint about my job is that I don't get ANY
national holidays off. This really sucks when everyone else in the entire
country gets all week off. We did end up getting the actual Chuseok day off, but
we had to make up the classes on Sunday. So we took the Friday off and all went
as a happy working family down to the southern part of the island for a
mini-vacation. I am the only one who can drive a stick, so I drove everyone in
the bus to the Jungmun area, which is the fancy resorty area on the island.
First though we stopped at this place that you can see in the top picture. It is
an island that during the exceptionally low tides, you can walk to. Apparently
it was one of the only 9 islands in Korea that you can do this. I have to say
that it actually was pretty cool. Ryan and I had fun turning over rocks and
finding cool sea life. Michelle even found an Octopus! Afterwards we went to the
Jungmun beach and played in the waves. The waves were huge and Ryan and I had
just the best time getting completely pounded by them as people surfed on past!
Michelle treated us to an expensive, fancy buffet at the Jeju Grand Hotel in
Shin Jeju for the evening meal. It turned out to be a wonderful holiday.

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