Tuesday, November 28, 2006

(Tol) First Birthday Party

This weekend, The owner of the climbing club's son turned one so they held a birthday party for him. For Koreans, the first birthday is very important since it traditionally shows that the baby has passed the early mortality stage and will likely continue to live. It's called Tol, which is short for 돌잔치. (See! I'm learning a little Korean!) During the birthday, the child does a little ceremony where he's placed in front of a table with a few different objects like money, thread, pencil, book. Whichever object he picks will foretell his future. I came a little late, so I missed that part of the ceremony, and can't tell you what they mean. I got there just in time for the food. It was like an army of people bringing out food and cleaning dishes. There must've been 40-50 people coming through their house. The food was great and I had a great time. I ended up drinking a little bit much soju and whiskey, but that was okay too.

Here's Il Gon (일건)(I think that's how you spell his name?) with his mother Kyung Ah (경아). She's wearing the traditional Hanbok (한복) outfit, and he's wearing a cute outfit someone got him as a present.

This is me and Sang Soo, the father in his Hanbok.

Here's the birthday boy with some money! Maybe that's what he chose!

Here's one of the many tables of food.

And a little birthday cake to finish it off. Ever eaten cake with chopsticks?

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