Monday, December 11, 2006

Bouldering Comp

My super sweet holiday weekend is coming to a close and man oh man was it a good 3 day weekend. Friday night we had a team bouldering competition at the climbing gym. It turned out to be a super fun contest for the members of the gym. We split into three random teams, each with about 6 people. There were three problems and everyone had one chance to do each of them. You got points based on how far you got. Everyone from the team's scores were added together and the team with the most points won. So who won? We did! But we didn't know this until the next day! They added the scores up wrong! It didn't matter though, the entry fee was to buy a present for less than $10. At the end, we just had a random grab at the prizes with the winning team to choose first.

After the comp, we had a nice galbi dinner. There was plenty of soju passed around, and by the end of dinner, there were quite a few people getting tipsy, so we went to the noraebong. This was my first experience at the noraebong, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. You see, it's basically a small room with a karaoke machine. You rent out the room and sing songs. It sounds lame, but the Koreans really get into it, and it turns out to be fun. We went to the kind where they serve alcohol which added to the fun.

Saturday was a calm, chill day where I just went on a walk around the old town shoppping district looking for camera stores. I didn't find any good ones but I did make it to the Natural History Museum which was a great deal at 500 Won (about $0.50) No pictures of the museum though, maybe sometime else. That night I had a good dinner with Sam, Darren, and Elliot. We traded stories about the comp night and then went to E-Mart where I bought a sweet coffee grinder. After E-mart, I met up with John and Jin and Jin's friend who I'm going to start a Language Exchange with. I'll teach her English and she'll help me with my Korean. It should be great, I'll talk about it more later though.

Afterwards, I went with John and Jin to the sauna! This was my first time to the saunas in Korea. It turned out awesome! I love it! It was pretty much like the one at the capsule in Japan. They give you some clothes to wear, but in the men's section, you have to go in the birthday suit. There's all different types and temperatures of hot tubs, sauna rooms, and even a steam room. In the co-ed section downstairs, there was a fire-kiln room. It was awesome! It was stone room with a fire underneath the floor. It's hard to describe, but it was a small room made of stone. It kinda looked something like the hobbit houses in the Lord Of The Rings. It was a mini door and cone shaped. Anyway, it was really hot, and then we'd go to the fridge room to cool off! All around the co-ed section is a big TV and tons of mats to sleep on too. You could probably use it as a cheap place to stay for traveling. The whole thing is pretty cool. Its too bad that there's nothing like these back home.

Here's pics from the night of the bouldering competition:

Everyone with all their prizes!

Me climbing on the final problem.

The group having dinner afterwards.

This is the only picture that turned out semi-clear from the Noraebong.

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