Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Climbing Gym

I've been spending a lot of my time at the climbing gym lately. Since I work at night, I usually go by myself during the daytime. There's usually no one there except for the owner and maybe one other lady, Hae Mi. She's a math hagwon teacher and can speak English relatively well. She asks me silly English questions and helps me with my Korean. She isn't a very good climber, but really likes it and is a really nice person.

This weekned was a rare treat and I was able to climb with Darren, Elliott, and Ou Jin. Its fun to be able to climb with these guys since they show me new problems and push me a lot. Climbing is a very social sport and this brings back the social aspect of it for me. It's also fun to climb with the good Korean climbers like Ou Jin. He's just a little above my level, so he can really push me. Darren is also improving fast and I think in many ways he's surpassed my bouldering abilities. He and Elliott are always fun to hang around and climb with.

Here's some crappy photos from our little session:

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