Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Unveiling

Our exploring has finally paid off with the unveiling of the excellent bouldering at Gwangyeongcheon (광령천)!!! Darren, Sam, 우진 (Ou-Jin), and I came out in the morning. John and Josh met us later in the afternoon. I think we ended up with about 10+ new boulder problems mostly in the easy to medium difficulty range with one super hard project. The bouldering is surprisingly good for Jeju. The rock is volcanic and in the riverbeds the rock is super solid. The challenge in finding good problems comes from the lack of holds and extreme slipperiness. For a climbing analogy, it's like climbing on the most polished limestone imaginable. For a non-climbing analogy, it's as slippery as glass coated with teflon.

Here's some photos of our shenanigans:

Our River of Bouldering Dreams

Driving In

The Approach

Hardcore Stretching

A Beautiful Setting

Sam Topping Out

Darren, Concentrating Hard

Me, Looking for the Next Hold

우진 (Ou Jin) Trying Hard

A Nice Mantle


우진 (Ou Jin) on the Project

Darren Trying the First Moves of the Project

Sam... Calm, Cool, and Collected

It's so slippery!!!

Happy Climbers!

The group responsible for unveiling the amazing bouldering of Jeju!

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  1. Er, Dan. . . you have the photos, you know how to get there-- it's your local area. . . why not post this under "bouldering" on KOTR. . . and er, um, there's a place for outdoor walls, another for gyms. . .

    you may be helping legions of future English-speaking climbers!!! Or those of us who are coming next month!! (though I expect a personal tour!!)



    PS: love the Thailand shots!!