Thursday, May 10, 2007

Romance Cruiser

I took my bike into the shop, Mr. Lee's. He had to keep it for the evening so he let me borrow this totally awesome (not!) scooter. Josh told me it's called a "Romance Cruiser." Hah! I'll tell ya, this thing would be really nice for just commuting around town, but it really makes me appreciate my motorcycle more. It is nice though to have a replacement while the bike is gone.

Mr. Lee is an all around great guy for foreigners owning bikes. He's super friendly and speaks English really well. It makes owning a bike an enjoyable experience since I seem to go to the shop every couple of weeks. Its not too bad to go the shop because of how cheap it is. It seems the shops barely charge for labor! 5 bucks here or 10 bucks there. It's really nice. I'll say that owning the bike is probably my favorite part about living on the island. I love going for cruises... especially now that the weather is warm!

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