Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Ryan, Driving near Sanbangsan

7hrs, 220km.

That's how long it took us to ride our motorcycles all the way around Jeju Island. Ryan and I don't have to work until 7pm on Wednesdays so we decided to go for the ride! John and Jin joined us for the first half and Ryan and I finished the second half. Josh and Luke slept in....

It was a fantastic ride. The coast road is a little spotty; sometimes, you're on it and sometimes you have to go back to the highway. We decided that The NW and SW are the best for scenic views and the NE is the best for turny roads. The SE coast is the only part of the drive Ryan and I have never seen and was a little sub-par.

It was a gorgeous drive and a beautiful day for it. We took our lazy time. We stopped for a quick lunch and then a nice barbecue pork rib dinner. I'll definitely do it again!


  1. Hi Dan,

    thanks for the great blog. check it almost every week for the stories and the pictures. looks like you are having a great time there.



  2. Hey Mark!

    Great to hear from you! You know one of the 10 pictures I brought with me to Korea is of you and I at the Indy 500! That seems like so long ago!

    Its always good to hear from you!


  3. Hey, I'm one of Jessica's friends, currently living in Mokpo. I'm bringing my cute little 125CC Daelim to Jeju next weekend (21st) on the ferry and was happy to know that I can circumnavigate the whole place in a day.

    I'm going to look at the rest of your blog now.