Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rainy Week

Its been an ultra lazy week this week. One of the troubles with working in the evenings is that most days I sleep in later than I like to. This rainy week however, I had no problems with sleeping in until noon on Thursday!

Consequently, I haven't been out taking pictures either, so here's one from climbing at Musucheon last weekend. I'm getting excited about the climbing trip to China I'll take in September, so I'm trying to find motivation to climb more!


  1. hey Dan! Neal here, great to hear from you :)
    As for Yanshuo in September, that's when I was there and conditions were perfect - maybe email for confirmation.
    anyways, those photos you have sound great - if they're on Flickr, let me know, otherwise: neal [dot] mcquaid [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. Hey Neal,

    I think you saw it, but I posted a picture of you hanging off a stalactite on my flickr page. You're also the one in the dark silhouette. Its good to hear from you! Have fun on your travels!