Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hee Sun's Wedding

Hee Sun's Wedding
Hee Sun and I at the pre-wedding lunch

Hee Sun, one of the members of the climbing gym got married the other weekend. I was invited to go to the wedding reception the day before, then the wedding day. Korean weddings are quite a big production. It's really two or three days worth of ceremonies and preperations. The meal we had the day before was a traditional Jeju meal with seaweed soup and pork. The wedding itself is quite different than any weddings I've been to. Its in a small room in a hotel or a ballroom or something, not a church. Outside the room, there's kids and old men in suits being loud and noisy. After the ceremony, I think they do a private family ritual involving lots of bowing.

Speaking of weddings, my cousin Amy is getting married this weekend. Congratulations! Sorry I can't make it!

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