Monday, October 15, 2007


A roof climb at Musucheon, there's a 5.13 crux pulling out of the roof.
Samgyupsal, cell phone, and beer....the Korean Camping Experience. (The chips were my idea)

After living in Korea for more than one year, I finally got my first Korean camping experience. I went to the Musucheon River (only about 10 minutes from my house) with some of my climbing friends, Juin, Won Bin, and a couple others. We only camped one night, but got about $70 worth of food between 4-5 people (a lot of food!). We had some great Samgyupsal (barbecued bacon) for dinner, then some Kimchi Chiggae (Kimchi soup) for breakfast. I played my guitar while everyone drank soju and we had a great evening around the campfire.

The next morning, we went climbing and I got on my first 5.12 at Musucheon. I didn't quite get it, but maybe next week! Before we left, everyone had a go at the wild roof climb in the top picture. On this climb, the first 6 bolts are only about 8 feet off the ground! You have to spot the climber while he clips the bolts. If he falls while clipping, he'll hit the ground.

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