Friday, January 11, 2008

Birthday Hallasan Hike

Emma, and our New Slovakian Friends on Hallasan

Wednesday was my birthday and what a great day to have Wednesdays off! This is a bit of a special birthday for me since I turned 29, but in Korea, they count your age from conception, so you're a year older than your western age. I get to try out being 30 for a year! To celebrate, I went on a hike up Hallasan with my friend Emma. We woke up super early and got a good view of the sunrise on the drive to the mountain. The weather was nearly perfect, blue skies and warm with little wind. I think Hallasan is easier to hike in the winter time since you put these little mini spike/crampon things on your feet. The snow covers most of the stairs, so you don't have to be so careful about your foot placement. At the top, we met a Slovakian couple who are on a long Asia trip, visiting South Korean Buddhist temples. They turned out to be climbers and super nice folks. We invited them out to the saunas then to dinner at the Bagdad Cafe (Indian Restaurant) and had a good dinner with them and Darren, Christine, and Sam. It was a perfect birthday!

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