Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jeju Life

IMG_3332 by you.

It's awesome to be back in Jeju!

I've been back for a couple weeks now and things have been a bit hectic and busy. It's been really great to see all my friends. Scott and Lara had a nice barbecue and Troy brought a nice bottle of whiskey. Mark and Shannon put me up in their place for a few days while I searched for a new home. They even let me borrow their phone (crucial!) for the last two weeks. My co-worker Christine has been running me around everywhere, finding a house, getting immigration papers sorted out, and furnishing the house. The department secretary, Yuri, has been making phone calls and helping to find these essentials also. When you first move to a foreign country, even one you've been to already, you really feel vulnerable. It really makes you appreciate the value of your friends and helping out.


  1. Welcome back...are you living on the north or south side?

  2. North Side, living in Oedo. Catch ya soon. You've got a great blog!