Thursday, March 05, 2009

Road Trip!

IMG_3308 by you.

I'm trying to get to Jeju as fast as possible. My contract started 3 days ago, so I ought to get there soon, right? Well, I had to send my passport to Chicago to get the visa, so instead of trusting FedEx to deliver quickly, I drove up myself to drop it off. They told me that they couldn't make an exception for my exceptional circumstances and my visa has to go through the normal 2-3 day processing time, so I had to drive BACK to pick it up! I am the proud new owner of an E-2 visa and ready to leave on Friday!

IMG_3284 by you.
The Windy City

IMG_3302 by you.
He's in the Band! Jeju Buskers!

IMG_3274 by you.
Dad wanted some polish sausages

IMG_3290 by you.
My Destination....
Yes, the Korean Embassy shares a building with Oprah

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