Sunday, March 01, 2009


IMG_7951 by you.
Have you found anything yet Troy?

I'm in limbo.

Actually, I've been in limbo for over a month. I'm supposed to be in Jeju by now, but getting my visa has been delayed thanks to the wonderful world of government bureaucracy. In a way it is a blessing in disguise. Although I missed the storm of the year in Utah (30 inches in 24 hours), I'm able to hang out at home with my family, relax, practice guitar, and get my Korean back into shape. Occasionally I get to see old local friends, although many have moved on. Today I get to see an old friend from middle school, met the old fashioned way (not on facebook). My mom ran into his dad at the grocery store. Hah! Can't wait to see ya Kevin!


  1. Anonymous7:02 PM

    You're back on, Rock'n

    From Rock

  2. Did I ask already? Who are you Rock? Nice name!