Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jeju Furey Beach Volleyball Tournament

My camera has been on hiatus for a little bit, but the daily shot will soon return.

Last weekend was the Jeju Furey Beach Volleyball Tournament. The Furey stands for Nathan Furey, a foreigner, father of two children, my coworker, and my friend who got sick the day I arrived back in Jeju, then passed away a week later. Our mutual friend Dan Nabben has spent the last two months putting together this charity volleyball fundraiser. We had an impressive turnout of 16 teams (6 players each), two of which were a Korean swing dancing club! The tournament lasted two full days and the weather was brilliant. I didn't play, but instead helped organize and announce. Congrats to Dan for putting on such a great weekend!

Here's some articles about the tournament. Here's a News Article. The jist of this article is that "with so many foreigners at Iho beach, you'd think you were in Miami!" Second, here's a Video News story from the English News on the local Jeju TV Station, KCTV. (click on the 2009-06-15 broadcast and go to the 8-minute mark)

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  1. Hi Dan -- This is Marcie Miller, Managing Editor of The Jeju Weekly. I'm sorry I didn't meet you before I left (I'm back in Seattle), but I really have enjoyed your blog, and your photos are amazing. I would like to invite you to submit a photo for our "My Jeju" photo section in the paper. I particularly like your rock climbing photos! I am pushing deadline on the next issue, but would love to have you join us! Please let me know if you are interested and I can give you more details. Thanks, Marcie