Saturday, July 04, 2009

Challenge Quiz Champ 100회 특집 외국인편

DSCN0334 by you.

About a month ago, I heard rumors that the local TV station, KCTV, wanted to do a quiz show for foreigners. I was a bit skeptical at first, but my friend Mika decided to do it, so I found the courage to go on too, if only to have a chance to meet new people and practice my Korean.

Although the edited show is just over an hour, the show taping actually took all afternoon.....and all evening. All of the questions are about Jeju and Jeju culture. In the first round, they actually also asked all the questions in Korean AND English, though they edited the English out on the final cut. I made it to the second round, and probably should've made it to the third round....I knew a couple more of those answers. Nevertheless, It turned out to be a great time, and I'm really glad I did it! It was a lot of fun, but I didn't get much air-time. Pretty much, they only show me making a stupid face because I misspelled an answer. Then, after I made it to the second round, I got a right answer (Oreums...duh) and a wrong answer (It's true that's where it is! I just wish I could've understood the question!). I think the last round was a bit unfair, and weighted heavily towards the native English speaker. Congrats Matt! I wish I made that round too! I think if Mika chose me for the taboo section, then she would've won!

You can watch it here! It's No. 106. 100회 특집 외국인편 7/1/09

If you're in Jeju, it'll be on Saturday 7/4 and Sunday 7/5 on KCTV, Channel 5
(the video works for me only if I watch it in Internet Explorer)


  1. I cant watch the video, doesn't want to come up for me. you need to get a screen shot of the funny face!

  2. Wow! Now you're asking me to get technical!

    I find that it doesn't work for me with Firefox, or Google Chrome, but it WILL work with Internet Explorer.

  3. Hi Dan, can you send me an email at ? I have a quick question for you about Korea. Thanks :) Cool blog!

  4. Hey Tim, you can ask right here! I only give my email to friends, sorry.

  5. Okay, you work at CDI Jeju right? I was talking to Michelle about the job opening via email. Just curious what your experience has been like there, and what it's like to live on Jeju. I've visited Jeju before but wonder if it is incovenient or boring to actually live there, as compared to somewhere like Seoul. Maybe there's a certain kind of person who would enjoy Jeju more? Someone really into nature and/or outdoor activities like surfing for instance.

    Also, I don't know what to think about CDI, because I hear mixed things and there are differences between branches and franchises. I hear their curriculum is detailed and they pay well, but vacation time is really limited. I went back and read your blog entries where you mention CDI, so I take it Michelle is a great boss to work for. It certainly helps that there isn't a language barrier!

    Anyways, if you could email me or comment here back with your thoughts, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks Dan!


  6. Hey Tim,

    I worked at CDI for two years here in Jeju, I work at Jeju National University now. I've not been to the mainland much, so I can't compare CDI Jeju Branch to other branches and franchises. I have no idea what it's like elsewhere.

    I think my blog speaks for itself on what I think it's like to live in Jeju. Some people like it, some people hate it. I think those that hate it are insane, and those that live in Seoul are insane too. How can you beat the things that Jeju has to offer? There's always something happening, check out Rhymeswithjeju on Yahoo groups.