Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quiz Night at La Vie

The Losers of La Vie's Quiz Night

La Vie is somewhat of a foreigner institution in the Shin-Jeju area, the western part of Jeju City.  It's run by the ever friendly and wise Young-Suk (pronounced Sook). Every other week, there's a quiz on Friday night at 9:00pm.  The difficulties of the questions changes with the host but the fun stays the same.  I'm not a regular, so I found myself in the midst of an incredibly friendly, albeit unaware about American culture, Japanese team.  Miles's questions seemed equally hard, if not a little nerdier than Matt's but there was good times around.  One of the highlights for me was the scavenger hunt, where a team put a mountain bike on the table for their piece of sports equipment.

I don't blame the Japanese teammates for my lack of ability, but we did have to wear the dunce caps for getting last place.  Better luck next time!

Quiz night is Non-Smoking

Young-Suk and Sam with her hand-knitted sweater

La Vie is located in Shin Jeju close to The Jeju Grand Hotel.  It's behind the new Starbucks and the Milano Hotel.

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  1. Unfortunately, my La Vie experience was not so nice. After spending 40 minutes to walk there, the place I found was dark and deserted. It did not even resemble the place I had read about in several blogs. Only the proprietress was there, not a single customer. It wasn't even late...only 9:20. I said, "Well, I hear you make a great burger." The owner just laughed and said, "Not today." So, if it's the much-touted burger or western food you seek in going there, my advice is call first and ask LOTS of questions. Wish I had. The place was a BIG disappointment. I'll never go back. Better to just run on down to McDonald's, Burger King or Outback, if it's a burger you want.

  2. That's too bad that you had such a negative experience, Mirae. When she does have the burgers though, they're awesome!