Thursday, August 17, 2006

Frisbee in a foreign land

During work and throughout the day I keep thinking of things to write about, but when I sit at the computer nothing comes to mind. The picture is from when we went to the beach and played some frisbee. Lots of little things surprise me about the way the Koreans act. A lot of the time, I think especially since I'm on this Island and not in Seoul, a lot of people are surprised to see Americans, or just white people in general. Korea is a very homogeneous country, there aren't any minorities, except maybe Japanese and a few Chinese, still, it's all Asian. I get a good feeling from the people though, like they're glad to see me. It's pretty cute when a little kid comes up to you and says "hello" and runs away. I bring this up because the picture above was taken while Ryan and I were playing a little frisbee. It seemed like most of the Koreans had never seen a frisbee before! I don't believe it, I thought that there are some Ultimate Frisbee clubs around here, and also that there are some disc golf courses. I must be wrong. Or maybe it hasn't caught on to the masses yet. I still think it's funny too when somebody pulls you to the side, asks you where you're from and asks to take a picture with you. I should've said to that guy, "It should be me who wants my picture with you! You're the one riding your bicycle around this whole island for your vacation!" Anyway, I'm curious to find out what other forigners think. Ryan and I are going to try to find the 'foreigner's bar' this weekend.

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